Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I think of Patch 6.2 and Giveaway!

We all know that last week Blizzard dropped Patch 6.2 upon us, after what feels like a very long wait time.

Which meant NEW content! I personally was super excited to have new content, as I and my guildies were getting burnt out on the same daily grind of garrison missions,.... and no progress towards flying.( I'm not really going to go into flying; but I will say that I'm glad there is compromise for it, a meta-achievement required and rep to FINALLY get flying back.... makes for a happy camper.)

After months of waiting for this patch, we got Tanaan Jungle.... about time. How do I feel about the new zone?
First off, let my start by saying that I'm not that far into the dailies in the jungle, as I just haven't had that much time between work and everything else going on. My first couple of rounds through Tanaan, left me feeling like it is basically Timeless Isle amped up. Dailies, plus rare spawns for gear, achievements etc. I feel like so far there isn't much story, but again I'm not that far into it, so only time will tell. From what I've read, there is story....I'm assuming it's gated behind the numerous dailies and campaigns, and unlocks gradually..? Correct me if I'm wrong. The Objective Hubs are interesting, and the treasure hunting is always a cool find, I mean who doesn't love toys and pets, right?

The Shipyard
 I finally realized why there is that exit gate out of the back of our garrisons that lead to cliffs.
The shipyard is nothing spectacular,... just another hub of your garrison, but with ships instead of followers. I finally got mine to level 2, and now have submarines. Getting extra gear/runes, and treasure is always a bonus as well. I also love the little names that they come up with, one in particular on my Guardian Druid, was " Bad Juju", how fitting.

The Adventure Guide

This is the updated version of the Dungeon Journal, which I am in love with. I like the fact that it offers you things to do, and let's you join groups/ ques right there. Makes it painless and easy.

Bonus Events
 The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of seven different activities, currently scheduled to run from Friday through Monday of each week.
As  a guild leader I really like that Blizzard added these bonus events into game. Makes more things available to us on the weekends, and allows guildies to spend more time with each other.
Timewalking Dungeons
Love, love, love these! It was like a blast from the past, but with decent gear drops. They are a nice change of pace, and were fun to do, I look forward to running them on my alts, next time they are up for a weekend.

Armor Preview

I'm not exactly excited for many of these... they just seem lackluster. The druid tier isn't half bad, but the hunter ( for my GL toon ) is aweful! To each his own though.

New Pets and Mounts
This is another thing that I'm super excited about, the new pets and mounts available through the factions in Tanaan. I want to collect the  rare pets:

    Periwinkle Calf
    Zangar Spore
    Seaborne Spore
    Nightmare Bell

The Legendary continues

The legendary questline.... I'm glad that it's continued, and I'm slowly getting there. I WILL finish the Legendary this expansion... I kind of slacked off on the legendary in MoP. My bad.

Hellfire Citadel Raid

Having a new raid is nice. Our guild got started late in this expansion for raiding, due to things happening with team, and we've been beating our heads against certain bosses in BRF. It's time to move on and go forward. We went into Hellfire last night, and WOW. The new bosses look pretty awesome, and it's fresh. Something to look forward too. I will update on this section once we get further in the raid. 
There are some things I haven't touched on, but that would lead into a very long blog post. Overall I'm enjoying this patch, there has been a lot of love/hate in the past week since it was released, but it's decent and having new content makes it better... the wait we had for it though, kinda sucked.

What do you guys think of Patch 6.2? Love it? Hate it? Discuss

I'm also doing a giveaway if you enter with the rafflecopter below, and follow the instructions.
I'm giving away a mount worth $25 off the Blizzard store for WoW, of winners choice. Choose a MOUNT .

Good Luck everyone! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A couple of changes, and update.

I have been MIA on here for about two months. Things at  work got crazy for a bit, with doing midnights and overtime; but have evened out. A big change, is I got my full-time that I applied for at work, so I've been trying to juggle family, with full-time, plus all the side errands and of course raiding with my guild Emphatica in World of Warcraft.

Now that I feel like I've gotten a handle on the work, and juggling act, and making time for .. almost everything, I can finally free up time to blog again, and get back to weekly posts.

So this is just to update, our little one is speaking more and more every day. She amazes me all the time. She finished her first block of speech therapy a couple of weeks ago, and now doesn't go back until early fall. She still has her play groups every Wednesday and Fridays with her little trips to Tim Hortons afterwards... since the weather has been more like summer lately, she gets outside, a lot. She loves going on walks with her dad, and she even makes it around the block....well half being in her wagon, walking, or being carried on dads back. You know, toddler style, the only way to go.

In World of Warcraft, my guild Emphatica-US on Dawnbringer, has been slowly but surely progressing in Black Rock Foundry. Gruul, is pretty much on farm, Hanz and Franz is a little messy near the end, but they will soon be on farm as well, and we've got Beastlord to 9%. Our biggest thing holding us back is not having more DPS. I'm hoping that with new content, people will be more interested in joining guilds to progress....instead of using LF group finder.... that's another topic for another day though.

Which reminds me, my guild IS recruiting, follow me on Twitter and send me a DM, if interested, I usually have all my info on there multiple times throughout the week.

Sorry for such a short update, everyone, oh and before I forget my husband is turning thirty in two days. The big 3-0! I'm gonna bug him the rest of the year lol.

I will be posting an entry tomorrow morning which will include my World of Warcraft Mount giveaway.

I want to enjoy 6.2 tonight, so that is why the entries won't start until tomorrow. Here's a heads up, to enter, it will involve Twitter, and a question/ discussion about 6.2.... be prepared!

Have a great night everyone, and I'll see you in Azeroth, until tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Liebster time

So I haven't been nominated but I picked the Liebster questions off of one of my favourite mom/gamer blogs by Neri at Mama Needs Mana .

Below you will find 11 random facts about me, and then I'll answer questions from my lovely friends nomination.


1. I'm the Guild leader of Emphatica on Dawnbringer in WoW. ( My husband and I started the guild about 4 years ago.

2. I love Monsters.... I know they're bad for you.... but I'm in love. My favourite are the Blue Lo-Cal ones.

3. I enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix... most recently The Mindy Project and The Good Wife.

4. My end goal with school is to finish as a Nurse Practitioner.

5. Between my husband and I we own 7 dogs! That's right... SEVEN!

6. I originally wanted to go to college for Journalism... when I was younger.

7. I wish I had more time to watch gamers stream.

8. I'm scared of spiders..... I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about them.

9. My favourite book series is the Maddaddom Trilogy by Margaret Atwood, along with The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

10. I am jealous of moms who can be stay at home and enjoy it.... I'm just not made out for it.

11. I've been trying to eat clean for the past year.... I keep having cheat days, which I need to stop...


1. What is the oddest job you have ever found yourself doing?

Hmm, oddest job I've ever found myself doing..Can't really think of anything

2. Tank, Healer or DPS?
 Tank, without a question. I love being the first to run into stuff, and take control... I'm kind of bossy.

3.Ultimate comfort food?
 Probably Mozza sticks or chocolate, can never go wrong with those two.

4. The electricity is out! What are you doing instead?
 Go outside with my daughter... if it's night time, light some candles and read.

5.How do feel about those little backpacks that serve as leashes for toddlers?
 That's  a tough one... don't judge me. I used to DESPISE them! I used to make fun of people who used them... then our daughter started trying to run around in stores when she'd see something she liked... or thought it was a game to run around, and didn't want to sit in the cart, stroller, or our arms.... so we gave in and bought one. *hides behind desk*. They actually come in handy and help with a rambunctious toddler, so to those parents I didn't like before I'm sorry. They are a great invention for people with small children. There are limits and times and places for them though.

6. Cake or Pie?
 As Dean Winchester says "Dude .. where's the pie?! "

7.Be honest: Have you ever played Candy Crush?
 Nope. I have not.

8.What is your idea of the perfect night in?
Netflix and snacks with my daughter and husband, and after our daughter goes to bed maybe some World of Warcraft.

9.Are leggings pants?
I guess so.

10.  Did you have access to console gaming when you were growing up?
Sure did. Had a SEGA, then a N64, then a PS2, and so on.

11. Where do you look when you’re lacking in inspiration?
My family, and blogs and YouTube.


1.Marvel or DC?
2. If you could have one superpower what would it be, and why?
3.If you could travel back in time to one point, what would it be?
4.If you were stranded on a desert island what book would you bring with you?
5.If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be?
6.Ultimate comfort food?
7.What is your Dream job?
8.Describe a nightmare vacation.
9.What is the most recent movie you have watched and would you recommend it?
10.Star Wars or Star Trek?
11. Could you survive a week in the wilderness by yourself?

Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where have I been?

I noticed that my last post was in January.... it was my giveaway post. Needless to say it's been a while since I've updated. Where have I been? I've been busy that past couple of months, between first and foremost, my family, work, and of course my guild/raid team.

So here are updates on everything.

Our daughter is two yrs and two months old. She spoke her first word at 6 months of age and continued babbling on since then. At the moment she speaks fluently in toddler gibberish, and says only few and select words clear as day. About 9 months ago our doctor suggested that we put her on the waiting list to see a speech therapist, because at that time of only being over a year, according to our doctor, our daughters vocabulary should have been more extensive. Now I understand that all doctors try to follow charts and  guidelines, and set out steps of milestones of what a baby,toddler, child should be doing at certain ages according to our government/ health care guides and what not.... that being said, I also know and strongly believe that each child is completely different and learn, reach milestones on their own time. However as it was a suggestion, we took our doctor up on it and got our daughter put onto the waiting list. Eight months later we got a call and set up an appointment to meet with the speech therapist.
The meeting went well, we thought and our daughter picked up on the therapist pretty fast, interacting with her and such. We went over how she isn't putting words into sentences, but she is very smart. She uses her hands and understands what we are telling her, she follows directions; however she gets frustrated when she can't effectively verbally communicate with us. Long story short the speech therapist told us it was okay and we could make her appointments bi-weekly, to try and get her talking more. The letter we got a week later said otherwise, it basically told us that she should be using at least 100 words and putting them into sentences, and suggested a hearing test, which we will have to get a referral from our doctor for, and drive two hours for it. ( She passed her last hearing test with flying colours and there were no worries) I guess they just want to rule it out as a possibility. Also that we need to enroll her in daycare or play groups..... if the therapist had of been listening to us then she would know that we take our daughter to play group every Wednesday and Friday, which she absolutely loves! Found out that her appointments are weekly now too. I would have been fine with this if we were told up front and when we were there, it just frustrated me that we were told one thing, and then the letter said something completely different.  However with that being said, we are taking her to her appointments, as it is to help her, and this way if there are any problems we can catch them. Better safe, than sorry...right?

We've also just gotten over the lovely Norovirus ( Norwalk Virus ) that I unknowingly brought home from work. ( Joys of working in healthcare ). So the last week, we've all just kind of been getting over it, and slowly getting back into our daily routines.

In World of Warcraft, myself and my fellow officers/guildies have been trying to get our raid team back together, and finally getting back to normalcy, within our guild. We've pretty much switched our raid team up and are trying to get a good rhythm going with everyone. I can't believe that this expansion we're having a hard time finding reliable and decent DPS!? Who would have thought?
Also, speaking of WoW, I have to say, when I heard about the new Game Tokens that will be implemented, I personally am excited for this. For the simple reason of, people who have a hard time buying game time due to cut backs or budgets, etc this will give them a chance at keeping their game time up,.... as long as they have gold in game lol. Thoughts on the WoW Token?
Here's the most recent link about the  WoW Token, I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about this. Let's discuss. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things I Love about Warlords of Draenor.

Yup, a post about what I'm currently loving in Warlords of Draenor...... PLUS my first giveaway.         ( Which will be at the end of my post. )

 I'm sure everyone has their own likes and dislikes in Warlords, just like in any World of Warcraft expansion, but just for the heck of it, I'm going to share things in the current expansion that I personally love.

1. The cinematics .
    For some reason this expansion has really got me into the story line, and the cinematics make it that much more interesting. Blizzard has always been good at doing them in expansions, but the current ones are .... I guess I could put it, emotional in a way. Especially with the whole Garrosh and how far he's fallen. I realize there are probably other cinematics that I haven't seen or have skipped that are just as great, but these ones stand out to me. The new character models really allow Blizzard to portray the emotion of the story in a way that they previously couldn't do.

    Some people have a love hate relationship with garrisons, ( one being my husband ). I enjoy them. I like the fact that you can customize them ( to a certain extent ), with specific buildings for your professions, and how you can have guild banners displayed proudly. Also eventually you can display monuments around your garrison, with the achievements you have.  Some of my favourite buildings in my garrison are : The Barn: I love being able to trap something and take and put work orders in, then a while later, have feasts for my raid team/ guild bank, without the pain of having a ton of mats in your bags.
The second building that I love is the Stable: I like collecting mounts, and I like that they can walk around in the designated area. Perfect for my Blood Elf hunter.

3. The Quest Lines. 
     Specifically the Arokkoa quest line, and the Elemental one. I love the story of how the Arokkoa came to where they are, and the mini quest where you get to play as one, and get his point of view ( forgive me, I forget his exact name ) It just felt fresh, like something I haven't done before, and I thought it was carried out well.

Then the Elemental line. Again to me it felt like something new, brought back a little bit from Cata ( or the feel of Cata for me) and was interesting.

4. The Dungeons 
      I love most of the dungeons, the new, look and feel. They are challenging and make you pay attention, like the good old dungeons did. You have to watch where you stand, and interrupt, and they look pretty awesome too. My favourite is Auchindoun

Lastly............... my FIRST ever giveaway!

I'm giving away a World of Warcraft Pet . Winner can choose which one they would like.

Answer these two  questions : What do you  LOVE about the current expansion Warlords of Draenor? What do you DISLIKE about the expansion.... and GO!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas and New Years

Christmas has come and gone.... it went by super fast, and was a green one for us. Didn't make it feel very much like Christmas.
Our daughter is a very spoiled little girl, she ended up getting a lot of gifts, and was very well behaved.
Her main presents were an electric toy car, and an art easel.She also got, a pony set with a barn, puzzle blocks and shapes, colouring books and crayons, Tinkerbell dolls, Tinkerbell clothes and pjs. A Frozen nightgown, a Disney princess sitting chair, The Fox and the Hound dvd, some Princess reading books, as well as a couple of outfits. She loves everything, but prefers her easel and car most days. That will change in a week or two. ;)
 The Christmas gifts before the mayhem started .
 Her new Volkswagen car, that shes completely in love with.
Our little munchkin doing her thing, at her new art station.

   I'm very happy that our daughter had a great Christmas, and loves all of her gifts. ( she also received some gifts from her uncles and aunt and her grandma early, she got outfits, that she won't take off ( we're in that stage now ) and bath markers which she will not let go of during bath time, a Buddha board, and a couple other gifts, and a Tinkerbell Build-A-Bear. She was a very lucky little girl.
I most thankful for my family.... you guys know  who you are! Our daughter and of course my husband, we've all been very lucky.
Speaking of which, our little girl turns TWO in 2 days.... I can't believe, so after work tomorrow I'll be running around trying to get her birthday gifts in order. As for New Years we were in bed and sleeping by 830pm, that's a party haha.

How many of you have little ones with birthdays so close to Christmas and New Years? Do you buy them separate gifts?

Happy New Years everyone! Here's to a great 2015!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Carving and Play Group

The title says it all. Pumpkin Carving from Halloween and Play Group.

 I got the bright idea that pumpkin carving with our toddler would be fun. I forgot to factor in the little hissy fits throughout the day though. Our daughter is right around the corner of 2, and the tantrums have begun.

We ended up buying a small pumpkin to decorate and a larger one to carve. Our daughter loves Tinkerbell at the moment, so I went online and printed off some Tinkerbell stencils.
We ended up choosing this one:

We got the newspaper all layed out on the floor and everything ready, our toddler and I marked the stencil onto the pumpkin and then it was carving time! I figured it was new and our daughter would explore the weird texture of the pumpkin seeds and goop inside the pumpkin..... thought it would be fun and we could watch her expressions as we cleaned the pumpkin out.... I was wrong. She grabbed a small handful and wiped it on my sweater and proceeded to have a mini meltdown, until she wanted to go to her room. So my husband carved the pumpkin and this was the end result :

I think my husband did a pretty good job for our munchkins first pumpkin.

We ended up taking our daughter out trick or treating for two hours. She went as Rapunzel off Tangled.... so cute! She got a bucket full of candy and then her great aunt made her up a Halloween bucket ( with Timbits, and a pillow pet and chocolates. )
It's safe to say she had a good Halloween, she slept that whole night after getting home.

Now for play group.
At our daughter's last check up a month ago or so, our doctor suggested we put our daughter on the list to see a speech therapist since she's only saying a handful of words. ( She understands us, she is extremely smart and outgoing, just she chooses her words lol.)
I got her name on the waiting list... of 8 months.
I started looking into some things and came across a local play group, that is 15 minutes from our house, and it's free! Wednesdays and Friday mornings. Drop ins welcome.
We were both hesitant at first, but figured "what could it hurt?" This way maybe she'll open up, and talk more being around other kids her age.
She loves play group. The new toys, the other toddlers, she loved it. They have snack time around 1030 ( which is right around her nap time ) so the first couple of times she had meltdowns. The last time was good though. It's also something they can go to when I work.
She sits at the table for snack now with the other kids and drinks from a big girl cup... I know it's the little things that make us parents happy.
She ate most of her snack yesterday at it ( snacks are also included ), and she came home saying a new word " uh, uh, uh, uh, oh!!" It's so adorable.

While we are on the wait list for the speech therapist, we are going to try play groups and see if she's talking more by the time her appointment rolls around.

*Here's Hoping*